How do I send my customized message to new Twitter followers?

Sending messages to new Twitter followers is simple.  Simply go into your WordPress site’s Dashboard and find the Shogun Followers icon on the left side menu.  When you hover over the Shogun Followers heading 3 drop down menus will be revealed: Followers, Non Followers and Settings.  Click Followers.  On the Followers screen, enter the custom message you’d like to send to your new followers and then go through the lists of new followers selecting which one’s you’d like to message.  Next Select bulk actions and hit send.  For information about how to maximize the effectiveness of your auto-replies please click here.

Why do I need to authorize my phone number with Twitter to install this plugin?

Twitter requires a phone number that can be linked to a specific account in order for you to create an app.  Once provided, Twitter will send you an authentication code that let’s you access Twitter.  This process works to insure all users are real people and not bots which could skew Twitter usage and results.

How do I remove the @Samurai9Design branding in my auto-responses?

The current version of Shogun Followers is our beta version.  If you’d like to remove the @Samurai9Design branding please contact us.    We will make arrangements to send you our premium version of Shogun Followers immediately.

When will the premium version of Shogun Followers be available?

The premium version of Shogun Followers is scheduled to be released February 1, 2016.

Can I send mass messages to all of my Twitter followers with Shogun Followers?

The current version of Shogun Followers does not allow you send mass Direct Messages (DMs) to all of your Twitter Followers.  Shogun Followers has been designed to help you spark conversation with NEW FOLLOWERS.  In addition, Twitter has strict policies in place that prohibit spamming practices.