Can I assign different post footers to different categories?

Unfortunately, you can not use different post footers on different categories when using Ninja Footers Lite.  The Premium addition of Ninja Footers does however have the ability to apply multiple post footers according to a  variety of filters.  Download Ninja Footers Premium here.

Ninja Footers isn’t appearing on my posts/pages.  What should I do?

Often times Ninja Footers doesn’t initially appear on websites that have a lot of plugins or that use site builders.  This is easily corrected through our priority sequence setting.  Simply go to Posts ->Ninja Footers -> Settings -> Priority.  Change the priority setting from 10 to 1 and press save and check your posts.  If that still doesn’t work continue to adjust the priority setting by increasing the value in intervals of 5.  Please make sure that each time you increase the priority interval number you are saving the settings and re-checking your post pages.

Do Ninja Footers work across all of the categories on my site?

Yes, they do. Simply click all of the desired post headings from our options screen and a footer will appear on all of the related posts.

Can I add links into my custom footer?

Yes you can. Ninja Footers gives you the ability to add page targeting and easier site navigation through our internal linking feature.

Can I use Ninja Footers for installing a Contact Form?

Absolutely, Ninja Footers can be used to display text, images, contact forms and almost anything else you can imagine.

Does Ninja Footers support Shortcodes?

Yes it does.  With the use shortcodes you can tun your footer into a sales funnel, a conversion opportunity, call to action or almost anything you’d like.

In the settings, I unchecked everything that had to do with pages and I only want to use the plugin on posts but the footer still appears on all pages. What should I do?

This issue is normally caused by a combination of plugins and a site-builder.  The issue can normally be cleared up by going to the settings section on the Ninja Footers plugin display.  First,  select “Display Certain Pages Only”, don’t select any pages and then save your new settings.  If that doesn’t work you could also add a dummy page to your site and only apply the footers to that unpublished dummy page.

Will Ninja Footers work with a premium theme?

Yes and no.   In our experience, the Ninja Footers plugin works seamlessly with most premium themes that do not rely on a page builder.  A page builder can cause complications due to code sequencing.  

My advice would be to install Ninja Footers and experiment with the priority settings number in the settings tab.  I would start by setting the number at 100 then move down by integers of 20 checking your results each time until it works.  If you hit 1 with no success then I’d say the current version doesn’t work with your plugin bundle.  Don’t worry the whole process will take 4-5 minutes.