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Facebook Essentials for 2020 and Beyond


Facebook Essentials 2020 & Beyond

Facebook provides your business with a unique opportunity to interact with end users.  With over 30 million active Facebook Business pages in use, it's clearly a platform that works.  However, people on Facebook rarely want to be “marketed” to. Looking for ways to engage your audience and build customer loyalty?

Many experts agree that Facebook users are interested in a more human approach. Even when following an established approach people prefer a human touch when interacting on Facebook.  There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your Facebook business page engages your audience and sparks interaction by adding a personal touch.

1. Make sure you use a personal avatar

Your business page has plenty of room for logos, branding and product information. Make sure that when you interact with your audience you're doing it with your own face.  It is much easier for end users to make connections with your brand when you provide a name and a face for them to connect with.

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2. Use open ended questions that spark conversations

Ideally, your business’s Facebook page should be a forum in which like minded people share ideas, information and insights.  You can help promote conversation by getting it started by asking for opinions or advice from your friends and/or followers.

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3. Respond to your follower’s comments

This is probably the most often forgotten step in building a loyal Facebook following. You simply can’t take it for granted that people have initiated conversation with your brand. They have taken a huge step towards brand commitment. You need to take the time to engage and cultivate supporters that reach out to you.


4. Make sure you follow the 80/20 principle

This means that 80% of the material on your Facebook for business page should focus on providing information about your niche and educating your followers about your products. The remaining 20% of content should focus on humanizing your brand. This can be done by highlighting employees and/or founders and revealing their unique stories.


5. Produce content.  Lot’s of it. 

The only way you can stay relevant in the world of social media is to stay visible and the only way to stay visible is by producing content as often as possible.  That being said not all content is created the same. You must produce content that gives your followers value. Epic content helps you get likes, and shares which in turn get you more followers. More followers help you get more likes and shares.


How can this help my business in Barrie?

If you follow these 5 steps you can greatly increase the impact of your Facebook efforts.  You have to remember that it’s a process that takes time, consistent effort and attention to detail.  Luckily for you, your Facebook page is about “YOUR” brand. So sharing your excitement and passion about the topic you’ve devoted your life to should be an easy place to draw motivation.  

So post, engage and be social!

Author: Steve Clancy

Steve is in charge of content creation for S9D Digital Marketing.   His videos have been seen over 12 million times (organically) ad he prides himself on his ability to make engaging, user-based content.


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