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Facebook Essentials 2019

Facebook provides your business with a unique opportunity to interact with end-users. With over 30 million active Facebook Business pages in use, it’s clearly a platform that works.  

However, people on Facebook rarely want to be “marketed” to. Looking for ways to engage your audience and build customer loyalty?

From Japan to Barrie: The story of Easy ESL Games

The skills we learnt lend themselves almost too perfectly for digital marketing, and Easy ESL Games became S9D – Digital Marketing (formally Samurai 9 Design).

Easy ESL Games was basically our University. We quite literally learned by doing and many of the core, brutal truths learned from Easy ESL Games are prevalent in much of what we do. 

6 Reasons Why Video Is Important For Your Advertising Campaign

How many videos have you watched today? I don’t mean movies, I mean any small nuggets of moving images have you seen on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube? How many GIFs? 

We are watching more video than ever before and digital advertising is filling newsfeeds with thousands of moving images like never before…

How To Grow Your Business In Barrie By Making A Great Offer

How can offering your targeted customer an insanely good deal make you a lot more money in the long run…

WordPress Essentials 2019

WordPress is an absolutely essential part of 75 million websites and counting.  With 32% of the entire internet is being hosted by WordPress in 2019, it’s clearly something every new business should at bare minimum give serious consideration to when deciding on the best approach for adding a digital component…

How to Increase your Online Sales with Strategic Upselling, Downselling and Cross Selling

Probably half of the products or services I`ve bought over the last year were through web-based sales funnels and you know what? 

That number could, and should, have been a lot higher!…

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