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We are a Canadian web based company that was founded just outside of Osaka, Japan where we were teaching English in late 2012. 

Both of us (Kevin & Steve) wanted to work online but in truth, we didn't really know where to start. After a while we decided to start a Website and a YouTube channel for other English as a Foreign Language teachers.

And it was first. But we stuck with it. Figured out how to make videos that entertain, network, target the correct audiences and give people the type of content they were craving.

Yada, yada, yada.

Over 100 million people (and counting) have watched our videos!   

It was around this point that we realized we were on to something. So we moved half of the team back to Canada. We committed as much time and revenue as possible into refining our process so that we could replicate it. And now we help other entrepreneurs and businesses connect with their audiences.

So basically, that's who we are a few guys that use social media, SEO and AdWords to find customers. 

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Kevin Fabris

Father of two, husband, basketball fan and amateur chef that believes butter is always the secret ingredient.



Father of two, husband, school owner, Liverpool fan & video guy.