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Upon meeting us you may quickly note that we are not in fact true Samurai.  Sorry to put a katana in your balloon but you were going to find out eventually anyway.   So here’s our story.

We are a Canadian web-based company that was founded just outside of Osaka, Japan in late 2012.  We met while in Japan and after a series of conversations realized we were all trying to “live our best lives” with growing young families in Japan.

We had all been attracted to Japan for different reasons, but all of us are into “Japanese stuff”.  And one of the “Japanese stuffs” we were all interested in was Samurai. 

Business professionals around the world have used samurai literature like The Book of 5 Rings or Bushido for years.

True samurai spent their lives in pursuit of “the way”.  The combination of skill, practice and singlemindedness required to produce truly exceptional works of art, be they martial or visual.

And that’s why we named our company Samurai 9 Design – Digital Marketing.

Practice, effort, determination and refinement are the elements that we use to craft exceptional digital marketing campaigns.

We make ads for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google Ads.  And we use them to sell…Just About Anything!


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Kevin Fabris

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Philip Fischbacher


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Steve Clancy


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