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6 Reasons Why Video Is Important For Your Advertising Campaign


6 Reasons Why Video Is Important For Your Advertising Campaign

How many videos have you watched today? I don’t mean movies, I mean any small nuggets of moving images have you seen on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube? How many GIFs? 

We are watching more video than ever before and digital advertising is filling newsfeeds with thousands of moving images like never before.

blade runner ad

Look at you watching a video in a video

A good advert is good regardless of the medium, and a bad one is bad regardless of the medium …... but video ads do come with some distinct advantages.

1. Video Can Show A Lot In A Small Space Of Time

You have 5 seconds. You have 5 seconds to engage the audience before they move on. In that first 5 seconds, you can show your product fixing a problem. You can show the friendly insides of your dental studio. You can show the “world-class” sushi chef preparing sushi in a world-class way.

Seeing is believing and it all builds trust.


When we were making classroom game videos we learned that best videos just showed the game being played in the opening seconds. It proved that the game worked in a real classroom. It validated the game, and us as people who knew what we were doing.

 Video is proof.

Here's a video about this very topic

2. Video connects with the Customer

Video simply has more sensory inputs through which it can engage someone. It can tell a story in a few seconds and instantly connect emotion to the brand. Remember, you are not selling a product. You are selling the feeling that your product gives the consumer - whether it be relief, joy or whatever.

What happens when someone is engaged with content? They are far more likely to either share the video or continue sliding down your sales funnel.

Need Help With Video Ads?


3. Search Engines (Google) loves video 

Why do search engines love video? Video is more immersive so people spend more time watching and engaging with the content that you produce. The time someone spends on your site is called “dwell time”, and the longer the dwell time the higher your page will rank. 


The wide distribution of video content across all your social media pages also increases the chance that both your target audience and Google will find it. A single video can be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Google business, Linkedin and more, all with relevant links back to your page.

Most people can write a blog post, but how many can make a video explaining its concepts? Simply by making a video you have far less competition to rank against. Search anything in Google and right at the top, you will see 3 videos,  and those videos are often awful.

That’s your competition.

4. It’s getting easier and Cheaper to do than ever

Your online ads are going to be seen on mobile, tablets, and at most, a pc monitor.
You don’t need a full film crew to make an ad anymore. Smartphones have incredible cameras, programs are getting cheaper and easier to use and stock footage is readily available. Not having the right equipment is no longer a valid excuse.

 You’re probably looking at the right equipment right now.


5. Content is more important than looks

Although high production values signal that you should perhaps be trusted (and it should never look cheap), the production value is less important than engaging content for your targeted audience.


At my English school, we actually made our website look less professional because we were targeting students who didn’t want to attend larger chain schools. We were something different, a small homely school and our website, blog posts and advertising reflected that. Technology is now at the point where you can look as professional, or unprofessional as needed.

6. Video ads do well on mobile

Mobile owners love videos... as long as they are under 2 minutes. In fact, Instagram only allows videos up to 1 minute. People are more likely to watch a video to the end if there isn’t a large time investment. A short but engaging video is preferable because quality definitely beats quantity with video.


Please take note that mobile video does far better if the screen ratio matches the FORMAT. You should optimize your videos for each screen format - Wide for YouTube, Square for Instagram, and Thin for mobile.

How can this help my business in Barrie?

Video isn’t going anywhere. It’s too eye-catching, engaging and effective for it to do anything but grow. For a local business, it offers the chance to prove you are what you say you are incredibly quickly and effectively. Remember, your business is only important to you. You know how great it is but no one else knows or cares. Video can show how your service can make them feel in seconds.

You may decide against it, but your rivals will not. It’s better to be ahead of the curve now than spend time and money later playing catch up.

Author: Steve Clancy

Steve is in charge of content creation for S9D Digital Marketing.   His videos have been seen over 12 million times (organically) ad he prides himself on his ability to make engaging, user-based content.


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