We Help Successful Businesses In Barrie, Ontario
Make More Money.

Would You Like More Customers?

We Help Successful Businesses In Barrie, Ontario
Make More Money.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect local businesses in Barrie with their ideal customers by using paid Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Google ads.  Why? 

Paid ads work!

Pay-per-click and retargeting ads brought our customers over 3 Million dollars in web-based revenue, and sales during the year 2018!

We align ourselves with companies with a proven history of great customer service and a desire to grow.  

Social Campaigns

The best way to find your idea customer is through Facebook and instagram ads. Your potential customers are using social media anyway. Why not make it easier for them to find your website? 

Search Campaigns

Most searches for for products or services start on Google. Google ads let you show up on the front page of Google for the keywords your business specializes in. Make sure that when people search for what you offer, they find your business. 

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great tool for reaching out to your ideal client. An enticing offer coupled with a well thought out drip-marketing campaign can make the difference between an interested lead, and a customer taking action and purchasing your product. 

Follow Up Procedures

The market is competitive for any business, and almost any company can generate leads. S9D Digital Marketing focuses on generating appointments!  Our system has proven to convert upwards of 65% of leads generated into paying clientele. 

Reliable Support

Many digital marketing agencies, and Pay-per-click experts are hard to get ahold of or unavailable when you need them. Our account managers stay in constant contact with our clients to ensure the greatest ROI and a great customer experience.

Trackable Results

Fliers, door knockers, radio and signs work...but how well do they really work? Analytics is a core part of any successful marketing campaign. Our system breakdowns every click, conversion, scheduled appointment  and customer retained so that you can make razor sharp assessments.


With proven results in Social Media Marketing and Google Ads Samurai 9 Design will generate new leads for your business. Reach out and Let us supercharge your marketing. 



Kevin is very creative in multiple aspects of media and marketing. Listens to every detail precisely. Gives solid and impressing suggestions. Gets the work done on time and quickly with great energy and efficiency. Kevin has proficient up-to-date knowledge of social media and how it works. Gets everything up and done before you know it. Definite recommendation with no regrets.

Rob Cook

Junglewood Owner

Kevin helped modernize our website and make us much more visible to the worldwide web. With his creative suggestions and expert knowledge in online marketing we have successfully grown our customer base with the sales to match. Kevin does not disappoint!

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